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Welcome to use the most professional PHP website content management system - Dreamweaving Content Management System, which will be your first choice for easy station building. Adopt the core template of XML namespace style: All templates are saved in file form, which provides great convenience for user design template and website upgrade and transfer. Robust template tags provide strong support for webmaster DIY's own website. Efficient tag caching mechanism: It allows the same tags to be cached. When HTML is generated, it is helpful to improve the response speed of the system and reduce the resources consumed by the system. Model and module concepts coexist: DedeCMS promotes some interactive modules to supplement the system to meet the needs of users as far as possible when the model can not meet all the needs of users. Numerous application support: provide users with an integrated solution to various types of website construction. In this version, add modules such as classification, library, yellow pages, circle, question and answer, to supplement some users'special requirements. Facing the future transition: The formation of dream weaving team provides a solid foundation for the development of dream weaving CMS. In the future vision of dream weaving team, it will have greater flexibility and stable performance in the future.

DedeCMS Applications:

DedeCMS is most suitable for the following areas:

Enterprise websites, whether large-scale or small and medium-sized enterprises, use the network to transmit information, to a certain extent, to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises;

Government organs, through the establishment of government portals, are conducive to the integration of various information and resources, and to the strengthening of contacts and communication between the government and the public, so that the government can work faster, more convenient and more effectively;

Educational institutions, through the introduction of network information, make information transmission between educational institutions and within educational institutions and among educators, and comprehensively enhance the level of educational websites;

Media organizations, the new media such as the Internet, have strongly impacted the traditional media. In this process of evolution, various media organizations should have a process of re-recognition and re-development of their core and establish a digital technology platform to meet the needs of the digital age.

Industry websites, for different industries, strengthen the internal information division to reflect the characteristics of the industry. The websites contain dynamic information, products, markets, technology, talents and other information of the industry, establish an authoritative image of industry information, and provide practical business opportunities for product supply chain management in the industry.

Individual webmasters, with interest as the leading factor, set up websites with novel themes and rich content. Through information exchange of common interests, you can form your own unique user circle, generate personal needs and serve them.

- Fee-paying websites, content-charging websites, users can provide online product sales, or content fees, simple and clear profit model, to ensure that you get the greatest return with the smallest investment;



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